Stages of creating Workplace accounts

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This article is only applicable to admins with relevant permissions.
Unless you’ve turned on self-invite, you need to invite people to join your Workplace before they can activate their account.
You can add people to Workplace by:
If you add people to Workplace by Microsoft Excel or CSV file or by connecting to an identity provider, then you can add people to your Workplace but invite them later. If you use another method, then you invite them at the same time as adding them.
If you have invited people but they haven’t activated their Workplace account yet, then you can send them a reminder.
How people activate their Workplace account
When you invite someone to your Workplace, the way they activate their account will depend on how you’ve added them. For example:
Learn more about how people activate their Workplace account.
Note: Joiners or leavers during the month are billed pro rata. This is unless your contract specifies otherwise.

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