Something is wrong with your Workplace bill or payment

Workplace is closing in 2026: Your billing arrangements stay the same until August 31, 2024. From September 1, 2024 until August 31, 2025, Meta will be discounting Workplace by 50%. After this, access to Workplace will be made free of charge.
You can view and download billing information until May 31, 2026, but will not be able to access this after your Workplace instance has been deleted.
This article is only applicable to system admins. If your organization is tax registered in India, you need to pay for Workplace in Indian Rupees (INR).
If your monthly payment fails
If you haven’t made a payment for an outstanding bill, you may be blocked from accessing Workplace.
To resolve the issue, there are a few things you can check. The most common causes of payment failures are debit or credit cards reaching their limit or expiry date.
If we cannot charge your payment method, we will email your Workplace system admins and you will have 14 days to add a new payment method. Once a new payment method is added, we will automatically try to take a payment.
If we can’t take a payment within 14 days, you will lose access to Workplace. Your users will be told that their Workplace is blocked until a problem is resolved. They will be able to download their Workplace data even while they are locked out of their accounts. Your Workplace data will be retained for 90 days, but will be deleted after that unless payment is received.
If you need to pay an outstanding bill:
  1. Click Admin PanelAdmin Panel in the left menu on Workplace.
  2. Click credit cardPayments.
  3. Click the Payment details tab.
  4. From this point:
    • If you pay by credit or debit card, click Update payment details. Then, review the details and click Next. Enter the required information, then click Save.
    • If you pay by invoice, click Download latest invoice. Once your invoice has been paid, you can email with proof of payment to speed up the process of getting your organization back onto Workplace.
If you think your Workplace bill is wrong
If you think your Workplace bill is wrong, then you will need to contact support.

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