Invite guest accounts to your Workplace group

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If you’re a Workplace group admin, you can invite guest accounts to your group if you have been granted permissions by your system admin. Your Workplace system admin will need to have External collaboration enabled on your Workplace for you to be able to do this.
Invite guest accounts to your group
  1. Create a group and click Allow Workplace guests.
  2. Coworkers from your Workplace can be added by name.
  3. Workplace guest accounts can be added by their email addresses.
  4. They will need to claim their guest accounts via email.
Groups with guest accounts will have a banner at the top to highlight the number of guests in the group. Guest accounts will only have access to the group they’re invited to and this includes any chats that are linked to the group.
Note: If External collaboration is enabled, guest accounts can be added to any open group.

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